norton setup

Norton Setup antivirus has become a must-have for computers and mobile phones. Since the rate of cybercrime has increased over time, the need of having Norton Setup protection has also raised. People are now more active with the security of data whether personal or professional. They seek for a trusted antivirus program.

Whether you choose Norton antivirus free trial or paid version, you will unveil some of the basic features. However, paid versions entitles you to access advanced security features.

Norton setup products and features

  • Norton Family Premier: Manage your kids’ online activity and engagement while giving a safer browsing experience
  • 360 Norton Security: All-around protection against online as well as offline threats. Scans websites and external devices to block any kind of risks
  • Norton Computer Tune Up: Analyzes computer’s performance and optimize for smoother and better workflow
  • Norton App Lock: Lets you control the access of other users. The app lock programs allow you to set the password on apps individually
  • Norton Clean: Designed for Android and iOS devices, Norton clean initially frees up the space to boost device’s performance

More other Norton setup products and services are available to guard on your security concerns.  However, you need Norton setup enter product key to meet modern security requirements. Norton setup has put forward various products with different sets of features.

How to Create Norton account –

norton setup

  1. Go to
  2. Click ‘Sign in’ from the top right corner of the page
  3. If you do not have an account, click create an account
  4. Complete the signup process
  5. You will receive a confirmation email or if a verification code if you used your phone number
  6. Open a new tab and log in to the account you used for creating account
  7. Open the email by Norton
  8. Click on the link to confirm your account or enter the code
  9. As the process completes, you will access your Norton setup account

Having access to Norton my account page entitles you to check for the latest software updates available, subscription details, profile activity, and other information. Besides check details, you can also purchase or renew a product.

With an active Norton setup, you create a high wall of security to keep all the risks another side of it. In order to have such an advanced security shield, buy Norton setup product key.

How do I get Norton setup product key?

norton setup

  1. Login to your Norton setup account (via
  2. From the main menu, click Products & Services
  3. Select a product/ package you want to buy
  4. Check all the services offered by the software before you buy it
  5. Select annual/ monthly subscription
  6. Click ‘Subscribe Now’ button
  7. A dialogue box will appear with a combination package/ offer, if you want to add that, click Subscribe now, otherwise ‘No thanks’
  8. From the next page, click ‘proceed to secure checkout’
  9. Complete Billing & Payment step
  10. After completion of billing, you receive an email with Norton setup enter product key
  11. Open a new tab and log in to the account you used for creating Norton setup account

Norton setup enter product key at

  1. Keep your Norton setup product key handy
  2. Go to page
  3. Click Norton setup enter product key/ or enter your product key
  4. Login to Norton My account
  5. Enter Norton product key and submit
  6. You will now have the option to install Norton with key code

Click install and protect your device. As you launch the software, allow all the permissions and accesses for protection.

Yet, if you come across any error, get assistance from the support team of Norton setup.